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About Debt Consolidation Advisors
Debt Consolidation Advisors is a full service debt consolidation and credit counseling agency dedicated to helping people suffering from financial stress due to high debt obligations. Since our humble beginnings in 1989, our program has helped thousands of families to find debt relief and gain true financial freedom. Our debt consolidation program involves a structured, common sense approach to resolving debt issues - without any credit damage, unlike bankruptcy.

Our Focus
Debt Consolidation Advisors's focus has always been to promote one on one counseling to determine the best way to alleviate debt. Our program combines both the effective debt planning and payments of Credit Counseling programs with the solid debt reduction strategies of Debt Negotiation. Through this two-pronged approach, we are able to serve almost every client who is willing to commit real effort to the program.

Our representatives have extensive experience helping clients in all 50 states with all forms of debt, including credit card, medical bills, personal loans and other forms of unsecured debt. Upon contacting us for a free consultation, we carefully analyze your financial goals and develop a plan that will reduce or eliminate interest and late penaties, lower your monthly payment, and in some circumstances, lower your overall debt principal drastically.

Our Mission
The staff at the Debt Consolidation Advisors is very proud of the reputation we have built, and of the dramatic difference we have made in our clients financial lives. Our main goal is to protect families like yours from the difficulties, the stresses and the problems that a symptomatic of high unsecured debt. Our program essentially ensures you and your counselor are a team, and we ensure that we live up to this important fact by always following through on our promises, and serving you as an individual. This is what we like to call the Debt Consolidation Advisors difference.

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