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Christian Debt Consolidation

Do you feel like the prodigal son returning home, with only debt, to ask for help and forgiveness? Like many other people, Christian debt consolidation might seem like a contradictory and misleading phrase. Can Christians manage their money in more effective ways than others? Should you feel cynical about this type of offer? There are benefits and disadvantages to seeking a Christian debt consolidation agency, but it is up to you to arm yourself with the knowledge needed to be able to distinguish an untrustworthy agency from one that is sincere in its efforts.

Christian debt consolidation advantages

Just like most other debt consolidation services, those with a Christian slant appear to offer the same benefits. This includes reducing interest rates and principal, and along with that, a decrease in stress levels and greater confidence in personal money management skills.

If you are a Christian, then seeking the advice and help of a Christian debt management service will likely seem that much easier. You will feel comfortable with the religious vernacular and comforted by adages such, "Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another," found in the New Testament.

Having issues with credit card debt? Contact us here for a free debt consultation. We may be able to provide debt help.

For those looking for debt management assistance and a greater sense of security through religion, Christian debt consolidation might be for you. Along with similar debt reduction strategies, some offer counseling that urges you to include God in your life, seeking forgiveness for poor money management practices and seeking help in the future.

Similarly, Christian debt consolidators can counsel you and help reduce your debt load so that your money troubles do not cause more stress on your marriage, your relationship with your children, or your community. By concentrating on building and/or repairing relationships that have been strained as a result of debt loads, Christian debt management companies can distinguish themselves from other such agencies.

Disadvantages of Christian debt consolidation
Depending on the organization, some Christian debt agencies might come across as being more fanatical than others. Alternately, some sites that claim to be Christian agencies have little information that would suggest they are any different from secular firms. Because of this, finding a reliable Christian agency can be time-consuming and even frustrating.

For example, you should be aware that some firms that sell themselves as non-profit debt consolidators are only doing so for the tax benefits associated with that category. The term non-profit does not mean that the services are more affordable, are backed by greater moral and ethical standards or that they are simply more well-meaning. Likewise, the word Christian might, at times, be used as a marketing ploy to make you think that one particular debt consolidation firm is more trustworthy and, perhaps, less expensive than others. And the word Christian certainly doesn't mean that the agency has no fees or hidden costs.

Furthermore, those services that do rely heavily on Biblical teachings and proverbs can sometimes oversimplify the anxiety caused by unmanageable debt loads. Learning to trust God and having faith your debt will disappear, instead of trusting tried and true economic and financial principles, is rarely good advice. Instead, treat a Christian debt consolidation outfit as you would any other-ask questions, read their literature and consult their history of successes and failures before you commit yourself to anything.

Having issues with credit card debt? Contact us here for a free debt consultation. We may be able to provide debt help.

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