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The Job Search - Can Bad Credit And High Debt Harm You?

Is the perfect job in your future? There's nothing wrong with assuming it will be. In fact, because most of us spend at least a third of our life on the job, there's no reason why it shouldn't be a great thing. A perfect job is different for everyone, and money rarely has anything to do with it. In fact, flextime, vacation and other benefits may be more important than a simple salary. Whatever the case, there's one thing you can be sure of - finding the perfect job is a very difficult task, and it takes work. The research and preparation is incredibly time-consuming, and the skills involved - including writing cover letters, creating the best resume for yourself and honing your interview skills - are not easy to come by. But time and some good reading can often sharpen these skills, and better enable you to get that job you're looking for.

Bad Credit Can Hurt In More Ways Than One
Although many of us don't know this, getting a job is more than just a good interview, a sharp resume and excellent references. The fact is, bad credit can take all of those positives and overrule them. The fact is, in today's competitive hiring environment, many employers actually use potential hires' credit history as a determining factor in the hiring process. In the eyes of many an employer, high credit card debt and bad overall credit can be a huge red flag that may demonstrate a lack of discipline or especially when a bankruptcy is on record, responsibility. The fact is, if you can't get it together on your own personal financial side, how can an employer expect you to perform above standards on the job? Such is the mindset of many employers.

Protecting Your Rights
Although credit reports can be a factor when you are being selected for a job, they are not always a factor. In fact, you personally must give permission to anyone before a credit report can be run. So, you can deny a company the right to access your credit information. But what you have to ask yourself is, "what message does this send?" The appearance of the situation is not good. In fact, it give the idea that you have something to hide, which makes sense, as you probably would have given permission if things were not bad. Like it or not, this impression can lead to you missing the job opportunity.

Credit Report Details
If you do not receive a job specifically because your credit was poor, the employer by law must give information to you as to how to challenge any wrong information that may be listed in your report. In most cases, however, you'll never truly know that poor credit was the reason, however, mainly because few employers actually mention it as an important criteria.

Remember also that a bad credit report may not only harm you on the way in to your job - it can also harm you once you are established. Some companies currently run credit reports on existing employees as part of ongoing evaluations or if they are determining whether or not that employee will be kept on. In this way, a negative credit report can be extremely harmful for you, and should be seen as an extremely important must-to-avoid.

Finding the best job for you is a difficult thing, even for the most skilled people. And, as the economy is not in the best of shape right now, jobs are fewer, and competition stronger. So you must be the best in order to achieve the best. In this way, remember that it's not only your skill set that will need to be continually sharpened - your credit rating should be considered, too.

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