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Daytrading - High Risk For Ruined Credit And High Debt

Until the 1990s, the participation of regular people, also known as the "individual investor" in the stock markets was at an extreme minority. In most cases, the stock market was a harbinger of the rich, professional investors and a small crew of small investors. With the Internet and the advent of electronic trading, this is no longer the case. Your financial options have increased steadily over the past 10 years, which is good, if a bit of a double edged sword. There is much potential out there: for gains, as well as for losses, sadly. And the information overload that comes with all of these options is a problem as well. Knowing which investments are right for you, both considering your risk tolerance, as well as what your investment goals are, is critical, and can mean the difference between a rich retirement, and a high debt level.

Daytrading - Is It Easy Money, Or Easy Losses?

Investing successfully requires many things, but nothing is more important than due diligence, investment planning and thorough research. It is very easy to buy anything, and very hard to buy something good. Which is why daytrading, a relatively new form of investing (vs. speculating, which many consider this) seems to go against the very definition of this. To break it down to simple English, day trading is the practice of buying stocks with the intent of holding them for a very short time, and then selling for a profit. Stocks are typically held for less than a day (a similar strategy, called swing trading, has "holds" occurring for days or even weeks), and sold during a market upswing. A huge industry of firms, both trading and software, have established themselves for these so called "do it yourself" traders, and help with programs and lower commissions. The key to the whole industry is the concept of making large amounts of money in a very short time. On the other hand, lots of money can also be lost in a very short time.

Daytrading, then, is simply NOT investing. It is speculating, which basically means that it is a form of gambling. While there are many people who have made an extreme amount of money daytrading, there are also very many who have lost an extreme amount. For the average investor, daytrading simply does not work, and the profits obtained are typically quite small on a per-trade basis. Which means it takes a heck of a lot of trades (and the knowledge behind them to execute successful ones) to make any money at all. With this, of course, comes the additional risk that your next trade is a loser.

Daytrading - The Verdict

Simple answer to the question, "Is Daytrading a good idea?", is no. Simple as that. If you want to gamble and risk debt, go to Vegas. If you want to make money with stocks, consider another approach.

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