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Debt Consolidation Advisors was founded on the cornerstones of compassion, community service, but most importantly, education. A large part of what we do is educating our clients on how to get the best out of life without getting into debt, and planning their way to a secure financial future. As part of those continuing efforts, we present an online collection of articles from newsletters past, for your perusal. Please feel free to surf throughout these archives, and feel free to contact us should you have any questions or comments about something you have read here. Thanks for visiting, and all the best from Debt Consolidation Advisors.


Advance Loan Offer Scams - When looking for a debt consolidation or other kind of loan, avoid advance loans. You could end up deeper in debt.

Avoid Internet Securities Fraud - Found a hot stock tip on the Internet recently? Beware. There are a lot of people out there making false claims.

Beating Student Debt - A great learning guide to help you keep your financials in check and prevent debt while you are going to school or college.

Budgeting To Reduce Debt - Debt reduction can be accomplished quickly if you have a budget in place. Check out some tips to getting yourself there.

Compound Interest Vs. Debt
- By using time and compound interest, it is possible to ensure you have absolutely no debt when you retire. Find out how here.

Credit Card Loss Protection - Learn why credit card loss protection touted by some companies is actually a scam.

Credit Industry Secrets - Like it or not, the credit industry wants your money. Here are some things you should know about credit card debt, and why you should never try to negotiate alone.

Credit Line Overdraft Protection - Learn how to protect yourself from NSF, late and penalty fees by attaching a personal line of credit to your checking account.

Credit Reports And Your Job Search - Having a superb credit rating is important for so many reasons, one of them being that it can be the difference between getting the job you want - or not. Read more about this here.

Costly Credit Report Errors - Ever been refused a debt consolidation loan or mortgage because of an error a bureaucrat made? Believe us, it can hurt. Here are some ways to rid yourself of those nasty credit report errors that can be very expensive.

Daytrading & Debt - Find out why daytrading and high debt can go hand in hand if you are not careful.

Death And Debt - Dealing with death is hard enough for your family without throwing financial strain into the mix. Are you prepared?

Debt Consolidation Choices - There are more than a few ways to go about consolidating your personal debt, especially credit card debt. Read more here.

Debt Consolidation Loans - Things To Avoid
- So you own a home, and have high credit card debt. Sounds like a debt consolidation loan might be in order. If you are looking for this particular vehicle, read this first!

Debt Dangers Of Loan Cosigning - Have you been asked by a friend or family member to cosign a loan? Read why this can be very risky.

Debt Management In Times Of Loss - Preparing your finances for your passing on is a great thing, no matter your age.

Eliminate Debt First - Save Later - We push savings possibly more than most of the agencies in our field, but we always stress debt repayment first. See how paying down debt can save you a bundle.

File Segregation - Hoping your credit can be "repaired" immediately, with no problems? Discover why some credit repair companies will help you land in jail!

Financial Marriage Problems - Unfortunately, money, whether you have it or not, is a huge sticking point for a lot of couples. Read about how to avoid problems due to debt here.

Financial Planning Tips - Let's face it, the old adage is true. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So here are some great ways to get started with financial planning, including some great budgeting tips.

Fluctuating Income And Debt Reduction - Does your income differ from month to month? Budgeting may be a little more difficult for you, but also twice as rewarding.

401K Plans, Retirement & Debt - Using your 401K plan to amass retirement savings is a great idea. But what if you switch jobs? Here are some things to consider.

Gold & Platinum Card Scams
- Been offered a Gold or Platinum card recently, despite having bad credit. If you think there's a catch, there is. Read about it here.

Hospital Bill Errors - Prevention Tips - In any large organization, mistakes can occur. Hospital bill errors cost Americans millions of dollars every year. See how to avoid them here.

House Buying Tips - Don't overextend yourself to find the perfect house. You could find that debts can turn your dream home into a nightmare.

Identity Theft Protection - Proactively protect yourself from identity theft with a little known device provided by most credit card companies.

Inflation And Retirement - When planning for retirement, understand now that your dollars today will be worth less tomorrow.

Insurance: Protection Against Debt - Protecting yourself against catastrophic debt is what insurance is all about. Find out here how to save money on an increasingly necessary product.

Insurance Tips To Prevent Debt - Discover some great ways to ensure you don't run into problems when filing an insurance claim.

Investing Consistently
- Retiring rich is something we all want. Learn here why buying and holding (with a twist) can get you well on your way.

Investment Clubs - Discover the power behind Investment clubs, which can enable you to make better gains quicker, using the power of numbers.

Job Loss Debt Prevention - Being laid off is not a good thing, but you can be prepared and avoid debt as well. Read some tips here.

Living Below Your Means? - Are you spending more than you earn? Living within, or below your means is not only doable, it's recommended! Read more here.

Long Term Care & Medical Bills - Ensuring that your retirement savings plan is in good shape should also include the possibility you need long term care.

Long Term Care Decisions - Long term care insurance can save you a bundle, or it can be a complete waste of money. Read about this important product here.

Managing Debt - Are you paying your credit cards down completely, or are you on the minimum payment plan? See how the latter approach can hurt you.

Mutual Funds And Retirement Savings - Investing in stocks is one of the best ways to build wealth with your savings. See how mutual funds can hedge the risks of stock investing.

Offer In Compromise
- When your tax debt becomes too much for you, you risk losing your home to the IRS. Find out the process which enables you to negotiate a settlement with the IRS.

Preventing Debt With Credit Reports - Knowing what your credit history looks like is your right, and exercising it is a great idea. Read why here.

Raising A Family - The Financial Side - Raising kids isn't just about making sure that they get off to school in the morning and don't hurt themselves. As any parent can tell you, raising a family is very expensive. Here we give you some tips on how to save.

Repairing Your Credit - If your credit is in rough shape, you can fix it yourself. But beware of companies that claim to fix it "hassle free".

Retirement Annuities - Need an income vehicle that you can be assured will pay until death? Consider an annuity.

Retirement Debt Management With 401K - When you retire, you're going to need money. Make sure you've got it by contributing to your company's 401K plan today.

Retirement Planning - Avoid Mistakes - Just because you're retired, doesn't mean you should stop planning for your financial future. Check out some tips for retirees here.

Retirement Without Debt - Do you have a solid plan for retirement? If not, get started on it, no matter your age.

Risk Tolerance - Do you know yours? This can mean the difference between retiring rich and ending up in debt.

Saving For College - Saving for college is an important thing to do for either your child, or your own further education. Look here to see how you can get started.

Stay At Home Parenting - Debt Free - Is it possible to raise a family on a single income and stay debt free and on top of your finances. Yes, but it's not without sacrifices.

Taxes & Debt - Make sure your tax return is error free with this quick guide to some of the most popular errors on US tax returns.

Unclaimed Funds & Debt Consolidation - Each year, the amount of unclaimed funds in State accounts builds up. Do you have money out there?

Warranties - Expensive Insurance? - Are you paying too much for product insurance, also known as the extended warranty? Find out what retailers and manufacturers don't want you to know.

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