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Consolidating debt in California

While the sunshine state may offer beaches, cosmetic surgery and mansions in the Hollywood Hills, these luxuries do not come without a price. Millions of Americans suffer under debt burdens, and many of them are living in California. So, it’s no wonder that debt consolidation companies in California have many clients seeking help with managing their debt. With strong consumer protection laws, seeking debt consolidation help in California is a good way to start on your debt reduction plan.

What is California debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation in California is not much different than debt consolidation in other states. A debt consolidation company in California, like elsewhere, will advocate on your behalf in order to reduce your debt load significantly. From negotiating lower interest rates to consolidating your payments into one lower monthly payment, a California debt consolidation firm is not notably different than most other debt consolidation practices.

However, you need to be aware of the various laws regulating debt consolidation in California if you live there and are seeking assistance from a California debt consolidation company. This is where debt consolidation in California can differ. There are different state and federal laws that govern debt collection. For example, in California, the law ensures that debt consolidation services cannot exceed $20 for their monthly fees.

If you would like to learn more about debt consolidation in California, click here.

Know the law

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prevents debt collectors from retrieving money from you in certain ways. For example, a debt collector may only contact you between certain times of the day, and not at work, if your employer deems it inappropriate. Furthermore, you can write to a debt collector in order to tell them to stop contacting you, after which they can only notify that they will not contact you anymore, or to indicate if specific action, like a lawsuit, will be taken.

Depending on the state, the laws in place might favor creditors over debtors or vice versa. This is why knowing the law in the state you are seeking debt consolidation help is very important. For example, in California, only certain debts may be consolidated, which makes choosing an effective and knowledgeable debt consolidation company vital to your debt management plan.

Furthermore, the Financial Information Privacy Act offers those living in California more control over their financial information. If you are living in California and are seeking a debt consolidation company within the state, it’s good to be aware of the fact that you have options in dealing with creditors. For example, California law allows you to place a “security freeze” on your credit file, so that it can’t be communicated with others, even other creditors, making identity theft more difficult. In addition, a “fraud alert” can allow you to be notified if someone has applied for credit in your name, which is just another way to reduce the possibility of being a victim of identity theft.

The excellent consumer protection laws in California, combined with the abundance of qualified California debt consolidation companies can help you to become debt free. Through debt consolidation loans, lower interest rates, and a reduced principal, seeking debt consolidation help from a California debt consolidation specialist will put you on the fast track to financial freedom.

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