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Debt Consolidation

If you are one of a growing number of American consumers whose debt load is enough to consider seeking the assistance of a debt consolidation company, the Debt Consolidation Advisors offer some tips of what to look for and what to avoid.

Like every other service, it is best to shop around
The debt consolidation market is a vastly growing field, and this is because the demand is very high. More and more Americans find themselves getting deeper and deeper into debt. We at Debt Consolidation Advisors are aware of a growing negative opinion regarding debt consolidation companies. Whether it be friends, media or even government reports, much bad publicity is surrounding debt consolidation. Some of the reasons for this may include:

A sense of responsibility from friends who believe all debt is a personal responsibility and that people are responsible for reaping what they sow. The idea of "getting away" with owed debt is something viewed as morally irresponsible. Therefore, in seeking the aid of debt consolidation companies to reduce one's debt load is considered a way of reneging on debts. However, one needs to take a closer look at this.

While it is never wise to live beyond one's means, there are certain necessities required to succeed in today's world. Many of these necessities cost a lot of money, money which people don't have at the time. The use of credit to make these purchases is becoming more and more common, and the debt loads that people accumulate to make these purchases are one's they can, and in most cases plan to pay off. But the interest rates make paying these debts off almost impossible.

It is commonly regarded in today's society that having debt is a good thing. We do not believe that this is true. While having debt does increase your credit rating, and can be useful if there was ever a need to take out a loan, if you ever miss a payment consider your credit rating null.

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Pay back credit where pay back is due

As for paying loans back, Debt Consolidation Advisors will not help anyone who hasn't yet paid at least the capital of their loan back. We believe creditors offer a service, take risks on people and should receive payment for their services. However, after the interest accumulates, by the time you were to pay off your loans, you most likely would have paid 6 times the original cost of the purchases that you made. Not only is it too much of a cost in our eyes, it can also seriously effect the financial future of your family. Debt interest should be moderate, not crippling.

Another thing that causes negative publicity for debt consolidation companies are scams. Yes, in a field as large as this one, there are bound to be certain unscrupulous "companies" who are out to either rob you, ruin your credit rating or both! Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping around for a debt consolidation company.

Certain states have different licensing requirements for debt consolidation companies. The states of California and Connecticut have the strongest consumer protection laws in the country. Any debt consolidation company located there has more stringent procedures to go through in order to acquire a license. Ideally, companies from these states would be your best bet.

In sharp contrast the states of Maryland and Florida have the most lenient requirements and many of the scams publicized in the media have occurred in companies located in these states. And if you live in the states of New York or Michigan, state law requires that any debt consolidation company you work with has to be located in your home state.

Other important factors to consider when shopping for a debt consolidation company, are the services they provide. Make sure they are flexible and do not try to pigeon hole you into a program that is not right for you. Get as much information as you can when speaking with a consultant, get them to explain why such a program will work for you and get them to weigh up the pros and the cons.

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