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Debt Management Strategiesby Debt Consolidation Advisors

Debt Management Strategies

If you think that the credit industry has stacked the chips against you, you are right - but don't get depressed. There is help available. You need not go it alone. If you fit the profile of the typical American family, you probably have anywhere from 25-30 thousand dollars worth of credit card debt (this excludes what is known as secured debt, such as mortgages, car loans and government-sponsored student loans). This also means that you are probably paying between $500-$900 every month in what seems like an endless amount of minimum payments.

The bad news here is that by paying only the minimum payments on your credit card debt, it will actually take you between 30 and 40 years to pay off your debt completely. That's half a lifetime to most people. The good news is that by using a debt negotiation strategy - like that offered by the Debt Consolidation Advisors - you can be out of debt in a period of less than three years - all without increasing the total monthly amount that you already pay!

You're probably thinking that this is impossible. Well, hundreds of our clients would beg to differ.

Read on to discover the main strategies for dealing with problem debt.

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