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Our Debt Savings Calculator

We invite you to take a moment to find out just how long it will take to pay down your debt using the minimum payment structure your credit card or financing company suggests. This calculator will determine the exact number of years, as well as how much it will cost you if you were to pay only the minimum payment each month, and no more.

Simply fill in the boxes in rows one through three and then click "Compute Interest Payments".

1. Unsecured Debt Balance:
(Includes: credit cards, unsecured personal loans, medical bills, etc. It does not include federally insured student loans, mortgages, car loans, IRS debts)

2. Interest Rate (APR):


3. Minimum Monthly Payment (%):

(typically 2%)


Amount of Interest You Will Pay:

Number of Monthly Payments:
Number of Years Before Debt is Retired:
With Our Program, You Save:

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