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Debt Solutions (How Our Program Works)

Here's a real life example of how debt can quickly become a problem (Actual names have been changed):

Last year, Marcie and Jeff bought a much needed new washer/dryer, took a short vacation in Mexico and paid some of their medical bills. They paid for all of these items with their credit cards. Like most Americans, they paid only the minimum payments, not realizing that with the minimum payment scheme, their $15,000 debt principal would cost them over $60,000 dollars and take 50 years to pay off completely.

Like most families, Marcie and Jeff decided to have a child. As a result, Marcie had to leave work for a period of three months because of the birth. They had not completely planned for the financial issues, but they did their best to keep their bills paid. Soon, however, they began to fall behind.

The result of this was that their creditors raised their minimum monthly payments, which also had credit card interest added in. Once Jeff and Marcie missed a payment, their creditors began to charge penalties. Now, although Marcie has returned to her job, the minimum payments on the debt are much larger, and have become difficult to manage. What's worse, the payments that they do make never seem to have an impact on the overall debt - in effect, they are scrimping and saving to pay interest to their creditors.

If this story sounds familiar to you, you may be one of the millions of Americans struggling with debt.

Take a self assessment test:
  • Are you finding your credit card balances never go down, in fact they seem to grow every month?
  • Have you recently lost your job, had a child or came down with an illness that made it necessary to take time off of work?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by collection calls and late penalties?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, Debt Consolidation Advisors can help.

If you currently hold more than $10,000 in unsecured debts (debts which include unsecured loans, medical bills and credit cards), are finding yourself behind on your payments, or are soon to be behind on the payments, or are even considering a damaging bankruptcy, Debt Consolidation Advisors will help you organize your debts into one low monthly payment that fits your budget, while significantly reducing interest and late payment charges. We are here to help you take control of your financial life.

Contact us here for a free consultation, or read on here about the Credit Industry's best kept secrets, and how we can help you.

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