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Insurance - Protection Against Debt

Insurance is a key financial product for almost everyone, no matter their status in life. They are actually quite good products, except for the fact that we would prefer not to receive the payment. Health insurance, as an example: we would all prefer not to be in a situation where we have to use it. Car insurance is exactly the same. And we won't even approach the topic of Life Insurance, of which a payout is definitely something best avoided. But, despite the circumstances that make these policies effective, they are products which will ensure your family's financial status is protected in cases of loss. Without this kind of coverage, you could find yourself in an awful position.

(Relatively) Low Cost, High Importance

For most people insurance is a rather small cost compared to the consequences that will come when you are not covered. As an example, what if your new car is totaled? And, what if you are still paying off the loan for that car? Suddenly, you are paying for a machine that simply does not exist anymore. And, you could be faced with a lawsuit from the car you hit. Another prime example would be health insurance. It is truly an unfortunate situation that many Americans do not have it. So, in cases where they must stay in hospital for long periods of time, medical bills begin to mount. And a result, you find yourself in serious debt.

But just because insurance is a very necessary product, it doesn't mean you have to spend as much as you can on it. In fact, the insurance industry is quite competitive, and can offer you a number of different products with different feature sets for more money, or less. Finding the cheapest insurance available (with trusted companies) is key, and can save you a lot of money today, and into the future.

Saving On Insurance

Although many people simply go to their local agent and outright purchase various policies, it does not make it the right way to purchase insurance. In fact, shopping around is not only possible, it is downright necessary to ensure you get the best deal. The variances in cost between insurance providers can be astonishing, so doing a little research now can save you thousands over the long term.

An additional way to save on insurance is to look for multiple policy discounts. This works somewhat like bulk shopping does, in that if you buy more than one kind of policy (i.e. home, life and auto) from an insurance company, you will receive a lower cost on all of them. Auto insurers often also offer multiple automobile discounts. Also, try to keep your deductible high, as it will lower the overall payments you will likely have to make. Same goes with paying in installments versus annual - there are additional charges for the monthly bet.

Life insurance is a product we all need, but unfortunately many of us buy the wrong kind of it! The best insurance available is in fact term life insurance, because it is so much cheaper than whole insurance. Whole insurance is typically more expensive simply because it contains a savings component, and thus, a cash value if "cashed out" sooner. The issue with this is that you are effectively paying the insurance company extra money for a low-rate of return. Buy term life insurance instead, and put your own money in your own savings plan.

Having insurance is necessary for everyone, especially if you have assets and a family. Get started today, and ensure you are protected for the future.

Having issues with debt? Contact us here for a free debt consultation. We may be able to provide debt help.

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