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Investing - Stay The Course To Avoid Retirement Debt

We all want to retire one day. It's a goal for so many North Americans, but one that should be planned for early, because like everything in life, it sure isn't going to be easy. What this means is a plan, as early as today. And the discipline to follow through on the plan. Which can be difficult, especially in today's times of instant gratification. But, know this: the rewards are great. After all, do you ever hear a retiree complain that he or she has saved too much money for retirement??


There are many strategies with investing, and many philosophies on top of that. The fact is, you could probably write a thousand books on Investing and still not cover it all. So what we will do here is just cover a few areas which can be critical. The first one we will address is called market timing. In the 1980s, the buy low, sell high concept was heavily popularized, and was based on the fact that if you do this, you will make money. The problem here: it's not as easy as it sounds. While many people have made money this way, many more have lost potential gains because of their quick sell reaction.

The Individual Investor And Market Timing

Market timing for individual investors is rarely a good thing. This is because studies show that individual investors, especially novices, tend to buy at the wrong times, and also sell at the wrong times. If this wasn't the case, let's face it, we'd all be millionaires. The real truth is that many people actually buy high and sell low because of this strategy. And that's something that can cost more money than you might imagine. So avoid this strategy. By all means, monitor the markets and keep an eye on your portfolio, but resist the panic that gets us all into trouble. Stay the course and you'll end up a winner.

Buy And Hold (With A Twist)

By making sound investment decisions based on real research (not just a "great tip"), the stock market can provide you with superb returns. Buying and holding is important, but be aware that you can sell, especially if you are beginning to encounter losses. The sad fact is, most investors continue to "buy on the way down" which can be brutal, especially when all things point to the exit (Enron or Worldcom come to mind). So always be aware of the company or fund you are buying, and remember that advice can be worth a whole lot. If you can't afford a financial advisor, consider investment clubs as an option. It's a great way to ensure your golden years stay golden.

Having issues with debt? Contact us here for a free debt consultation. We may be able to provide debt help.

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