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Investment Clubs - Should You Consider Them?
Investing in stock markets is one of the best ways to build wealth and a solid financial future. With a solid strategy, and a consistent focus, it is often even possible to beat the average 8% return that stocks have offered over the past 50+ years. But the key here is that because it is your money, you simply must have a strategy or a plan. Investing in losers can eliminate your savings in a matter of days, while picking winners has made millionaires of people over a period of years or decades. So where to start? For most people, the idea of hiring an independent financial advisor is a little high-end, with little value for its cost. And investing alone is definitely a bad idea - especially for beginners. And thus, investment clubs can fill in a hole for the novice investor that can not only provide the knowledge and skill required to invest well, but also create new relationships, and make the whole thing a lot more fun! Joining them is usually very inexpensive, and can provide amazing benefits.

Investment Clubs Defined
An investment club uses a "power in numbers" scenario, and is effectively a group of individuals (sometimes friends or co-workers) who pool their time, and savings resources with the common goal of making money investing. Typically, these clubs meet on a weekly or monthly basis to discuss new developments, including investment opportunities and market news. The best investment clubs also typically assign their members "homework", wherein they must research a chosen opportunity in accordance with the group's investment philosophy. In cases like this, members will often report their research, and because their resources have been pooled, they can learn a lot from others. As well, more experienced members can be superb teachers for new members, as their knowledge has been gained in practice.

It Comes Down To The Money
As part of an investment club's charter or membership agreement, most clubs insist on a commitment of monthly investment capital, which is usually a small amount. With this capital, investors can gain higher savings than if they invested individually and also gain higher returns. With this, the investor gains compound interest advantages, as obviously the interest on, say, $500 dollars per year (which might be your individual "investment" budget), compounds a lot slower than a club of 10 people contributing the same amount ($5,000). It's simple math.

With the power of compound interest, investing in a group scenario just makes sense. The returns can be better, the knowledge is always greater, the savings on incidentals like trading costs are good, and the camaraderie welcome. Investment clubs are often based on not only income, but also investment philosophy, so choose carefully. And, as with anything, retain a "buyer beware" outlook. Resist clubs that require massive upfront investments, as this can often be a nightmare. On the other hand, the overall benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, and can mean a much better retirement for you!

(Are you having financial difficulties due to credit card debt? Contact us here for a free debt consultation and begin on the road to financial freedom today.)

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