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Offer In Compromise To Beat IRS Debt

Taxes are a fact of life for every American, no matter their income level or where they live. Certainly, no one wants more taxes, although they are generally used to provide services which we would be hopeless without - such as law enforcement, highway repair and other such services we generally take for granted. But there are cases everyday where American citizens are pursued for tax dollars they no longer have, or due to a financial mistake, have spent.

The fact is, tax debt is a huge problem for many Americans. And the worst point about tax debt is that the IRS adds penalties and interest on top of any tax debt due, which can compound the problem immensely. People often end up losing their home, and many of their possessions to such collection methods as IRS tax liens or wage levies. The worst scenario, of course, is wage garnishment, whereby the government takes cash from your paycheck. These techniques are additionally demoralizing because they are public in nature: a tax lien is typically registered with the county and can be accessed by anyone, whereas wage garnishment says to you employer that you are having difficulties with taxes. No one needs that kind of embarrassment, and avoiding it is very easy, sometimes as easy as just picking up the phone.

Tax Settlements

An Offer In Compromise is a settlement which taxpayers can request from the IRS if their total taxes due are greater than their assets on hand. This is a commonly used technique, but certainly one where professional representation is best. The process is sometimes done on a do-it-yourself basis, and the website does have some notes on the process. In most cases, you will want to at least consult with a professional firm first, such as the people at IRS Problem & Tax Lien Help Group. They can easily determine your tax needs and provide you with the IRS help you need in order to ensure you are not driven into bankruptcy by tax debt.

The IRS is one of the most feared organizations on the planet, but in most cases they are actually quite fair. Although we all hear the horror stories of people experiencing IRS audits and losing their homes, for every person this happens to there are 50 people who have experienced fairness due to an offer in compromise or installment agreement. The key to the tax process is of course communication. As long as you keep communication lines open, it is more than likely that your case will be treated fairly by the IRS, and you can avoid tax levies and tax liens, truly brutal IRS problems!

Having issues with IRS tax liens or levies? Contact us here for a free debt consultation. We may be able to provide debt help.

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