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Our Privacy Policy
Keeping your privacy safe is a critical issue at Debt Consolidation Advisors. Our counselors are particularly sensitive to privacy issues, and it is a critical part of our employee training program. The following is our policy regarding your information and how it is used.

Personal Information
Your personal information is collected with your permission in order for us or our parent company to provide you with debt management or negotiation services. Our facilities are secured 24 hours per day, and your information is only stored on computers with no Internet access. Your information is not shared without your permission with any other parties. We will not confirm nor deny the removal of any account to protect client privacy. We also reserve the right to destroy any personal information provided by you without notice.

Cookies are small text files which pass information back and forth from our servers to your computer transparently. Although many websites use cookies in some form or another for a variety of purposes, Debt Consolidation Advisors DOES NOT. We feel that they are unnecessary, and do not help us to better serve our clients.

Network Tracking
Standard http logs are the only method of tracking that we currently employ. These log files generate aggregate data to determine website usage analysis. None of the information gathered through these log files can be used to personally track you outside of our website nor is any of your personal information directly associated with these logs.

Updates to Policy
We infrequently update our Privacy Policy. In the event of significant modifications to the policy, we will email our clients. For smaller modifications, please return to this page on our website. By pressing Control-D, you can add this page to your bookmarks or favorites. This policy was last modified on November 29, 2002.

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