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Saving For College And Avoiding Debt

As if getting accepted wasn't hard enough, these days the most difficult thing about college is actually paying for it. The fact is, you can spend years and years studying, achieving and getting superb scores on tests, but without money, college is almost impossible. Choosing Ivy league schools makes it even worse. Because while the cost of state college education is in the high thousands of dollars annually, Ivy League schools are much, much more. Sadly, inflation will ensure that it is unlikely that these costs will ever go down. Which is why saving for your child's college is a critical thing for you, and should begin as soon as possible. By acting now, you will save yourself plenty in the future.

Starting Late Is Better Than Never
Getting going on saving either for your own future college plans or for your child's college plans is a good thing to get started on right away. Using a 529 savings plan is a superb way to go, as you get tax exemptions for any money earned within the plan. For more money, make sure you or your child does a full investigation as to what grants, scholarships and bursaries are available. The fact is, there are a lot of them out there, and they typically are not as competitive as you might think. Each year, many thousands of dollars actually go unclaimed this way.

Choosing A School

Certainly, before we address which school your child wants to go to, we should look into a key point: is your child ready for college? Some kids aren't, and the rush to get them in college can hurt to the point where they may just drop out. Give them time, which may include a bit of working and travel, in order to let them get their head on straight. Then, once you are absolutely sure they can handle it, consider what they should be in. Not every child is necessarily a "Harvard Child". Considering state schools can save you thousands of dollars while providing your child with the kind of quality education that he or she needs. Plus, your child can also save by staying close to home. Also, consider local colleges or even community trade schools as alternatives. For most Americans, a huge part of the total college expense comes from food and housing. By eliminating this factor, you can save lots of money. And, community colleges often offer classes which can be transferred to larger schools. This is a superb way to get a four year diploma from a high end state school, but with only two years of the higher tuitions!

Saving for your child's (or your own further) education is a critical milestone that every parent must come to grips with at some point. While loans are an option, they are certainly always the lesser option to cash and savings. So avoid debt related to college payments, and get started today.

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