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Unclaimed Funds And Debt Consolidation

Free money is an idea almost nobody can turn down. Whether it's get rich quick schemes, winning the lottery or inheriting money from a long-lost relative, the idea of getting money for nothing has captivated humanity since the beginning of time. But in most cases, nothing really is free, and the idea of free money is usually too good to be true. But, there is actually money out there that any one of us might in fact have claim to. Recent statistics show that there are balances totaling tens of billions of dollars or more that are being help as unclaimed money by individual state governments. And while it's probably a one in a million that you could ever really get rich by claiming this money, the odds are not as slim that there may in fact be some money out there you could claim, and thus deal with part of the debt you may hold today.

Unclaimed Money - A Possibility?
Statistics show that one in eight people have some balance of unclaimed funds waiting for them to claim. These funds may be those of a relative who has passed on, or may be in a bank account which was missed during a move. Once you do lay claim to these funds, they effectively are "free money", and certainly you can do with the funds whatever you want. While certainly we are biased, and would recommend you pay down your debt, you may want to just have fun with the cash.

Fund Types
Some funds that may be out there for the taking include those in stocks, benefit plans, bank accounts, uncashed checks, old life insurance plans and many more.

Finding Your Pot Of Gold
If getting unclaimed funds was simple and easy, everybody would be doing it. The sad fact is, it just isn't so starting to look for unclaimed funds should be taken with a tongue planted firmly in cheek - remember there are no guarantees. But to get started, you're going to need a plan. Be aware that there are services available out there that will do the searches for you, but they can cost lots of money or take such a large percentage of the unclaimed funds that it may not be worth bothering. So, if you are looking for unclaimed funds, the best bet is to get down to a little research yourself. Start by searching on the Internet, which features a lot of good resources for such funds. Secondly, individual states frequently have databases with listings of unclaimed assets. Many will allow you to simply enter your name and then check their state. These sites are generally superb resources as they will give you a step-by-step instruction as to how to claim your funds once you find them. You can also in some cases do searches on behalf of your relatives, who may also have funds out there. Needless to say, they will be more than happy to hear the news if you find some money they are owed!

Fun And Profit - Where's The Downside?
Remember that when looking for unclaimed funds, you definitely should not take things too seriously. Looking for unclaimed funds is kind of fun, and may not actually turn up, but if some money does, the race to find it will have been well worth it. So, although free money will actually be earned through your hard research time, it still is cash you never would have seen otherwise. And if you should make a claim, you may want to consider paying off your credit cards or consolidating debt! We could think of worse ways to spend free money.

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